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“By sharing my life story, women can grasp hope and make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.”


—Shalon Barnett

Renew Your Mind. Transform Your Life. Live Your Purpose.

Shalon is ready to inspire, enlighten, and help you HopeForward. She is available for keynotes,

as well as ½ day, full day and specialized workshops.  

The Renew | Transform | Live Program

90 Days to the Best YOU yet!

I knew I had to make a change when I found myself on the floor wanting to give up on life. My thoughts were, “You are a single mom with no place to live and no job.” Have you ever been in a place so low you did not know how you would get up?


I knew I had to get up. My son did not deserve to be motherless. What will be your reason to get up and make some personal choices to reach your full potential? I knew I had great potential. I was aware of my strengths; I just did not know how to use them. 


What if I could help you find your strengths and discover how to use them to reach your purpose? I remember sitting on the floor closing my eyes and seeing a snapshot of myself standing in front of people speaking. Close your eyes and what do you see? 


If you can relate to any of this, we should talk. You are probably sick and tired of being sick and tired. I know I was. You know your potential but need support to get there. You are tired of your past mistakes holding you back.

This is for you if 


You're ready to change the negative thinking


You're ready to transform your life


You're ready to live your purpose

Ready to Hope Forward?

Click Below to Schedule Your Hope Call to HopeForward in Accomplishing You. 

Only 3 Spaces Available Per Month

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Phone: 813-735-1196

1441 E. Fletcher Ave Suite 113 Tampa, FL 33612

Welcome to the number one personal women's transformation website in the industry! Looking for some helpful advice to move beyond situations in your past? Go no further! You've come to the right place. Shalon Barnett is a professional life coach, experienced and dedicated to your satisfaction. 

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