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“By sharing my life story, women can grasp hope and make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.”


—Shalon Barnett

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Signature Speech Topics by Shalon Barnett

Reinvent Yourself 

Description: We all have something about ourselves, our lifestyle, our thinking or some other area in our life that prevents us from fulfilling our dreams. Using her experiences of being a single mom who was on welfare and had a criminal record, Reinvention Specialist, Shalon Barnett gives practical information on what is needed to transform your life and become the person you know you can be, regardless of your past. The truth is that you can change, you can make something entirely new in your life, and you can fulfill your dreams.

What needs to become new?

  • Your thinking (new values, beliefs)

  • Your Image (new talk, dress)

  • Your circle (new friendships, new associates, new support system)

You are Your Most Valuable Asset: Even When You Don’t Think You Are

Description: Unfortunately, too many women get caught up taking care of everyone around them to the point that they lose themselves. The lives of some women are consumed with caring for a sick loved one, building someone else’s dream, putting their spouse or children first or helping a relative going through hard financial times. Reinvention Specialist, Shalon Barnett helps you realize that regardless of where you are in life, how long you have neglected your dreams or how long you’ve forgotten about your goals, you can begin to take immediate steps to live a life that fulfills you. Don’t believe the lie that you will never find personal satisfaction, because you can and you will. 


How to prioritize yourself:

  • Work hard for & invest in yourself

  • Learn to say no to gain balance

  • Write down, talk about and pursue your dreams

Overcome a Negative Past

Description: Everyone deals with bad decisions and regrets, whether they have to do with staying too long in the wrong relationship, developing destructive habits, associating with the wrong people, not taking education seriously or breaking the law. Reinvention Specialist, Shalon Barnett has overcome abusive relationships, repeated arrests, suicidal thoughts and an unstable childhood to become a wealthy entrepreneur, wife and mother of four beautiful children. She will share how she has been able to overcome the negative beliefs, thoughts and people in her life that have tried to constantly hold her back. 


How to overcome:

  • Stop dwelling on the past

  • Live for today

  • Refuse to be a victim

Shalon's programs are specifically geared towards each woman's progress. 

Are you ready to embrace your power and step boldly into the life you deserve? Click here to schedule a complimentary consultation with Reinvention Specialist, Shalon Barnett to give you the clarity you need. These sessions are valued at $497. Please schedule only if you are willing and ready to do the work. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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